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Working abroad.

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Adrian's great adventure.


The world is becoming smaller, with more of us travelling for holidays to far flung countries each year. It’s certainly true that travelling broadens the mind but did you know that working abroad can be one of life’s biggest and best adventures?

Adrian Cotea, one of our financial analysts, was brought up in Romania, yet has spent a lot of his career working all over the world. He passionately believes that working abroad has taught him a lot of amazing skills that have enhanced both his career as well as his life. Adrian firmly believes that working abroad should be on the career ‘bucket list’ for almost everyone. Here are a few insights from this highly experienced, global traveller:

Increased confidence and communication

Working with people from all over the world has certainly encouraged me to develop stronger communication skills. In one of the companies I worked in, there were over 48 different nationalities. Taking the time to learn some cross-cultural communication skills and a few essential words in another language makes a huge difference and helps you to benefit from new and different working styles. It also makes holidays abroad much more fun!

A global network of friends

One of the best things about working abroad is that I’ve build up a global network of friends; I now have contacts all over the world! Discovering new places is incredible but I’ve found that meeting new people matters much more. As well as developing some lasting friendships, international networking has meant that I’ve also picked up some new hobbies and sports as well. It’s broadened my mind as well as my address book.

The ability to live in the ‘now’

Working abroad isn’t always easy, there are still bills to pay (and the odd life drama to contend with). We all have off days but working somewhere new and different encourages you to remember that you are, in fact, living your dream. Working abroad taught me to appreciate what I had and to appreciate the good days as well as the bad. For me, it was a great lesson in learning to live in the present moment and to embrace new challenges whilst letting go of expectations.

Strengthen your resilience

It’s a fact that resilience can be learned and increased with experience. I firmly believe that working abroad can actually help to grow your inner strength. Sometimes you don’t know just how much you can cope with until you are really thrown in ‘at the deep end’ where the ability to stay calm under pressure is key. I found that some of my most challenging times in my career when I felt pretty stressed have, in fact, helped me to become a stronger, more resilient and ultimately much happier person.

Embrace more opportunities

The workplace is changing. Globalisation and the huge shifts in technology mean that job opportunities now exist all over the world. Today, career success is all about being flexible and picking up a broad portfolio of skills. Applying for a job abroad certainly takes a bit of courage, but the varied skills, experiences you can pick up from working abroad as well as the resilience and independence you gain will set you up for whatever the future brings.

If you want to find out more about Adrian’s great adventures, why not have a chat with Adrian when you come into the office for your review with your Schofield adviser?

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