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Why Having a Goal Is Key to Investing

There are many reasons why you should have an investment goal. Each goal and reason will be individual to your circumstances and financial posit

Here at Schofield, we work with you to assess your financial status and help guide you in making the best financial decisions for you. Working with you to understand your goals and what you want to achieve financially enables us to provide you with the best possible advice and services.

What is an investment goal?

Simply put an investment goal is an ideal target you want to achieve from your investing. Whether that goal is to reach a specific financial target or to have a certain amount of shares across specific investments. Each goal is individual and will require a deeper understanding of what you want to achieve. Some of your investment goals may be short term, and as such the advice we offer would vary from that of a longer term investment goal. No matter the goal, our financial planners are on hand to ensure you are happy with your investment plans.

Why should I set a goal?

Setting an investment goal doesn’t have to be complicated. It is an important part of investing as it can help us provide you with the best possible financial plan. Each goal is tailored to you, and if you are planning to retire in ten years that plan will look different to someone who wants to increase their stocks overall. Setting a goal means you can easily track and plan your financial investments. If your circumstances change, you can just as easily amend your goals. Speaking with your chartered financial planner will help you adjust these goals and move the investment plans forward or into other areas of savings.

Can a Financial Adviser help me with investments?

Absolutely, a financial adviser can help you with your investments. Having the right financial adviser assist you with your investments is important. Making sure that your adviser understands your goals and financial status means they can provide you with the most effective investment solutions for you.

Financial planning is an individual solution and not a one suite all approach, so making sure you trust and understand your chartered adviser will enable you to make the right investment.

The main considerations you should look for when choosing a financial adviser is that they are chartered and independent. An independent adviser has access to more packages and solutions than one tied with a particular financial provider. This means that you have access to the best possible products and services available on the market.

How will a Financial Adviser help with investments?

There are many ways a financial adviser will help you with investments. The first steps are to understand where you are in your financial journey. For us, when we are able to see where our clients are, we can help them adjust and plan their finances to suit their needs more effectively.

Once we understand where they stand presently, we work on their investment goals. As previously mentioned this information will help us when we are looking across the market for ideal investments.

We will then pull together the most suitable options for you and your goals. We can go through any questions you may have regarding your investment options and make sure that you are happy and comfortable with your plans. Investing in your future and goals is only one of the ways our team of independent financial advisers can help you. Contact us now to discuss your financial goals and plans to see how we can get you to the future you deserve.

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