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Personal Profile: Irene "ice" Turner

Receptionist Extraordinaire at Schofield Money

A bit about me

Born in Harrogate I am a true Yorkshire woman, through and through. I love long walks in the countryside at weekends and in my spare time I enjoy being with my family. I also love spending long weekends in London when I can. My favourite hobbies are definitely shopping and lunching.

A bit about work

After 3 months away from the office it is great to return, I have missed everyone and the lovely ‘Harlow Court’. Dedicated to the perfect client experience, I am endeavouring to ensure all our Clients are met with a warm and friendly greeting when visiting Schofield. It is very important they feel welcome and special.

A bit of history

My Aunt has told me tales of our family connections to Sir Thomas Denison (Died – 1765) a Lawyer, Judge & Justice of the ‘Kings Bench’, precursor to the modern day ‘High Court’. Sir Thomas has a bust in the All Saints Church at Harewood. It is said of Sir Thomas that “The natural probity of his heart led him immediately to truth, equity and justice.” I think we probably had a lot in common.

A little anecdote

I was recently in a bar in Harrogate and thought I saw a Prince Harry look-a-like, I thought it would be a great idea to take a picture and send it around the office to say “guess who I was with”. However, it turned out to be HRH himself! Needless to say, no one was allowed near him. Nonetheless, I kept trying to sneak a picture - his bodyguards were not impressed.

A fond memory

Cruising down the River Nene on a narrow boat with my sister and our families is always packed with fun. That is until I inevitably crash it into a bridge!

A lifetime ambition

To ski again on the top of a Glacier and not to go back down on the chairlift!

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