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Making A Positive Impact Through Your Investments

People often look at investments and investment goals with a single minded approach. That typically involves reaching their goals in as short a time as possible, or to the time scale they have set. This isn’t inherently bad, we all want our investments to work for us; with the cost of living going up as well as many environmental changes we have a lot on our plates to conside There are ways you can make investments, reach your financial goals, as well as making a positive impact through these investments. Here at Schofield we find the right solution for you, our advisers work with you to understand your financial goals and help build a plan that suits you.

Let’s look at investments and how they can work for you.

What is an investment?

An investment is the term used to describe the purchase of an asset which you hope to grow in value over time. This asset can be property (the most common investment people make), artwork, stocks and shares, or many other types of assets. Ultimately when you make an investment you take on a small amount of risk. Understanding the type of asset you have purchased, as well as looking at the history of growth for said asset will help guide you.

How do I decide what investments to make?

There are many ways to decide on what investments to make. Firstly you should set your financial goals, once you know what you want to achieve from your investments you can then begin to plan where is best for you.

When looking at what investment options are best for you it is advisable to research the market. Having an understanding of the asset you are looking at purchasing as well as the historic value of the assets can help you come to a decision.

Speaking with an independent financial adviser will help you make these decisions. Being independent allows them to look at the wider scope of the market and assist you with placing your investments.

How can I make a positive impact with my investments?

There are many ways you can make a positive impact when it comes to investing. The first step is to understand what type of impact you want to make. If that impact is on the environment, looking at investing stocks and shares in a business that helps bring us towards a greener future may be a good match.

If the positive impacts you want to make are on a more philanthropic pursuit. There are many businesses that focus on improving the lives of many and investing in those may be an option for you. Overall, having clarification on what type of positive impact you wish to make is going to help push you in the right direction on investing. Having a financial adviser who you trust and who understands your needs will help you make the right decision.

What goals should I set for my investments?

Each investment goal you set is individual to you. Investment goals are not one size fits all, and you should consider what you want to achieve personally before setting any goals. Many people set goals for retirement, building a stocks and shares portfolio, their children's future, the options are endless and only you can know what goal is right for you.

Talk about your financial status and what you want to achieve with our financial advisers. They will help you to assess what it is you are looking for from your investments and advise you on what plan is best suited to meet those needs. Contact us now for more information.

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