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Financial Advisers | Getting Independent Help

Financial Advisers can help you in many ways at various stages of your life. Getting independent help and advice on your financial circumstances will help you get the most out of your money. It can always be difficult to decide who you should choose to visit. Finding a financial adviser isn’t just about the numbers, it is also a personal choice. We’ve pulled together some information on how you can find the right financial adviser for you, and what you should be looking for.

Financial Advisers near me?

Sometimes location is everything, and finding a financial adviser who is located near your home address will be a factor to consider. This was more prevalent in the days before the pandemic, however, since people have adopted technology into their everyday lives. Finding a financial adviser further afield may be more doable. If you value a face-to-face meeting, finding an adviser who is local will be the first step. Schofield is based in Harrogate, but works with people across the country.


When looking at the many options you have available, you should always consider using a chartered financial planner. When you choose a chartered professional, you are choosing someone who has been entrusted with raising the standards of the industry, which are upheld by a governing body. And as such, must maintain high standards of quality, ethics, best business practices, and professional development. Becoming a chartered financial planner is no easy feat. This certification provides you with the assurances that the advice you are receiving is the best possible advice for your situation, and the industry standards.


Another thing to consider is getting independent help from financial advisers. When you initially search for financial advice, many services come up from banks and other institutions. When you speak with these advisers, they are often limited to the products they are tied to. This means, you may not always get the best product on the open market. When working with an independent adviser like Schofield, we have access to all financial products and services. This means we can scour the market to find you the best deals available. Combined with our chartered status means the best solutions while upholding the highest industry standards.

Transparent and Forward-Thinking Financial Advice

You should always find a financial adviser who is transparent in all aspects, this includes knowing about any service costs that you are liable to pay and if advisers are partnered with specific providers. Beyond complete honesty, forward thinking will enable you to plan ahead and make the most of your finances. Having an adviser who will not only look at your current financial situation, but help you plan for a more prosperous future means you are getting the best service possible.

Getting independent help and advice isn’t for the 1% highest earners. Schofield can help you from the beginning of your financial planning, right through to retirement and more. Financial planning is no longer focused entirely on mortgages and pensions, there are many avenues such as investment plans, inheritance savings, and cashflow forecasting. Our independent chartered financial planners are here to help you get the most out of your money. Speak to us today about getting independent financial advice.

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