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How we strive to be better.

We are committed to conducting business in a responsible and sustainable way. It is expected that all staff shall behave in a way that is beneficial to all relevant stakeholders, the environment and the wider community.




Treating customers fairly.

We support many different types of clients by providing various financial products and solutions to meet a variety of needs.

We continually work to ensure that clients are provided the best possible service. The Financial Conduct Authority initiative of ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ is core to this aim.

Clients of Schofield will be provided details of events that are put on from time to time by the Company that may be of benefit to either them or their family members. For example; we intend to host regular seminars about retirement, inheritance tax, investing for children and other topical matters.

Clients are also offered the ability to invest into an ethical investment strategy which our investment committee has committed to maintain for clients that prefer to invest in this way.




Working at Schofield.

We respect and value the things that make each member of staff an individual and are committed to creating a culture of inclusion and diversity.

There is a provision to allow access to training for all staff to put them in the best position to do their job well. Regardless of role or level, everyone at the Company has access to a variety of developmental opportunities to help realise and fulfil their full potential. Supporting individual growth and development is core to ensuring clients receive the best possible service and the Company can attract and retain talented individuals.

A system of flexible working hours has been in place since 2018 allowing staff to better balance their personal and professional commitments.

The health and wellness of all staff is supported; we provide a weekly fresh fruit delivery and various beverage options. Everyone has access to a separate area within the office away from the working environment for entertainment and relaxation purposes. There is a ping-pong table, fridge, television, PlayStation and sitting area. An outdoor sitting area is also maintained in the gardens of the office for the benefit of all staff.

Local Community

Local Community

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It's good to give back.

We are committed to supporting our local communities.

We are a customer of a number of local businesses including waste management, printers, marketeers and gardeners.

There is keen support for all colleagues who volunteer or fundraise for charity, in certain circumstances the Company is willing to provide time off and financial support to facilitate charitable work and contributions to the community.

We will also, from time to time, organise charitable events and are proud to have raised over £2,300 as a result of our ‘Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge’ in 2018.

We also regularly host retirement seminars to the West Yorkshire Police Department at no cost.  

Professional Community

Professional Community

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Helping shape the industry.

We regularly have representatives present at industry events, conferences and round tables in order to learn from other community members and contribute to discussions.

We are committed to submitting as much feedback to industry think tanks and regulatory consultations as is practical.

All employees are encouraged to participate on online forums where like-minded people contribute to the ongoing development of industry best practices, for example - software user forums.

We will also, from time to time, host events for the benefit of other professionals, including solicitors and accountants.



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Protecting what really matters.

We believe in caring for the environment and continually strive to incorporate environmental good practice into our workplace, taking a sustainable approach to waste management and minimising the use of resources across the business. i.e. There are no single use plastics consumed in the day to day operation of the business.

There is an ongoing focus on continually improving energy efficiency, managing waste responsibly and reducing carbon emissions.

Having taken large steps in our commitment to delivering a paperless office, clients are now also encouraged to embrace being "paperless" and adopt the use of digital communications.

Over 95% of client meetings now take place at our offices, therefore minimising business travel and the associated carbon footprint. Local clients often walk or cycle to our review meetings. Teleconferencing facilities and other online communications are also available for clients that are happy to forgo a face to face consultation, helping to further reduce the need to travel for meetings.

We recognise our responsibility to do business in a manner that protects and improves the environment for future generations.

Would you like to learn more, or perhaps even help us do better?

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